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The Brandschool emblemClients doing an exercise at 10 Associates Brandschool dayThe Brandschool Room at 10 AssociatesBack to school with BrandschoolBrandschool session with 10 Associates10 Associates Brandschool dayBrandschool badgeClients brainstorming at 10 Associates BrandschoolGraham & Brown at Brandschool

A few words

"I thought the Brandschool was great for stimulating debate and honest questions about branding, with departments from around the business. It not only got everybody on board with strategic brand direction, but resulted in a number of great ideas which are now being put into practice."

- Mark Leach, Brand Marketing at Graham & Brown

"Thank you for yesterday, I personally found it a very interesting and unique experience, having never attended such a workshop before."
-Kate Mcfarlane, LCF Law


Want a perfect example of what makes us different? Welcome to Brandschool®

Brandschool® is unique – it’s so unique we registered it. It’s the name we give to our process of building and delivering brands, right from the ground up. It’s the unique lesson plan we have created to help our clients achieve the brand development that will strengthen and grow their business.

It began life as an innovative idea drawing on all our experience and expertise, and it’s fast become a tried & tested framework embraced by virtually every one of our clients.

Whether we use it to create a new brand from scratch, refresh an existing brand or help unravel the mysteries of branding for the uninitiated, Brandschool® strips things right back to basics. Using a blueprint ‘lesson plan’ that’s then customised around the client, we cover everything from intelligent research and strategic thinking right through to legal protection and effective brand communication. Best of all, we deliver Brandschool™ to entire companies as well as just key players: that’s because company-wide brand alignment is a bonus in itself.

The end results of Brandschool® depend on the mission, but they’re always a revelation. We give clients a firm grasp on the principles of branding, a vivid new insight into their own brand or even an entirely new brand that’s destined for success. This is what we do day in, day out. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brandschool®. Nobody else does it better, because nobody else does it.

This is a bespoke service, but it typically covers
1. Homework is set
2. Evaluation - Brandschool® day
3. Report card of findings
4. Recommendations and actions
5. Creative and tools of communication
6. Brand launch, routes to market
7. Brand guidelines, brand management,
    business growth, evaluation...

Drop us a line and say hello.

The Brandschool emblem

Clients doing an exercise at 10 Associates Brandschool day

The Brandschool Room at 10 Associates

Back to school with Brandschool

Brandschool session with 10 Associates

10 Associates Brandschool day

Brandschool badge

Clients brainstorming at 10 Associates Brandschool

Graham & Brown at Brandschool

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